visiting a temple while in Thailand 2019 where I studied traditional Thai massage

My mission is to support the optimal, holistic health of my guests, providing mind-body replenishment, pain relief, and relaxation. When I leave, I want you to feel better than before I arrived.

My approach is unique. I have an eclectic style that incorporates several techniques from many different modalities (styles) of massage so that I am able to give each guest the most effective treatment in the allotted time. Each massage is completely customized for your individual needs. This is why I do not charge a different price for a swedish, deep tissue, or sports massage. Further, unlike most other providers, the time of the session you choose is what you receive. In other words, an hour massage is a full 60-minute session.

After noticing how often I, unconsciously, clench my jaw and have my shoulders tensed up to my ears I was inspired to bring the awareness to others when I realized so many of us are holding tension patters and #relaxationrevolution was born.





"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,

 you touch everything."

- Lao Tzu