Frequently asked questions

What are your hours?

Friday-Sunday 11-7pm

Are you licensed?

Yes! All massage therapists are required to be licensed in the state of Florida. You can check by going to , my license number is MA91892

What is your location?

I am located at 8810 Goodbys Executive Drive in Suite B. it is at the end of the Drive, on the left. There is a decal that says "Secret Garden Wholistic Inc" MM40092

How far in advanced should I book?

Since I have limited hours at the moment, it is best to book as early as you can, but don't let that persuade you! You can book at any time as long as I have availabilty.

What should I expect on my first visit?

You will fill out an intake form that includes your medical history as well as inform me on any current pain you have. During that time, you will also be soaking your foot in a detoxing and relaxing foot bath, designed to relax your nervous system before we begin. After you fill out the intake form we will do our intial consultation. I will then step out of the room and allow you to get comfortable before we start the session. After the session, feel free to relax on the patio.

Do I have to undress?

You NEVER have to do anything you are uncomfortable with. I am able to modify a massage for any level of comfort, but for most styles of massage it is best performed with less clothes on, because clothing may restrict the flow of the movement. If you do prefer a massage fully dressed, I would recommend getting the assisted stretch. It includes "massage" techniques but is designed to be done with clothes on. Make sure you wear loose clothing.

Do you accept insurance or FSA/HSA credit cards?

Not at this time, but I hope to be able to offer these options soon. If your insurance does reimbursement, please let me know what documentation you will need and I will gladly provide it.

How much should I tip?

Just like any service, it is never required. Think of massage the same as eating at a restaurant, where tipping 15-20% is customary.

What is your cancellation policy?

I strive to provide the best experience for you and that includes physical and mental preparation for each service. Out of courtesy to myself and other guests my policy is that appointments cancelled or rescheduled within 12 hours of the start time will be charged 50% of the missed service.

What types of massage do you do?

I do a mix of styles that I can only call intuitive but it comes from well known styles such as swedish, deep tissue, traditional thai, sports, stretching, and prenatal massage

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